negligent but not without reason

negligent but not without reason

I can't explain it, but on top of fibro fog (google it) I'm also OCD and ADD so, I get fully involved in a project and eventually I forget about it and start another project. It could be a personal blog, photo blog, my journal, sketchbook, phone "note" taking apps, Instagram, painting.... I moved on from this "project" some time ago, but after writing a "journal" post on my phone and the app making them all private I got annoyed and said wtf, I'll go back to my aper|moi and transform it into something new from it's ashes. Like the magnificent Phoenix. I'm truly fascinated by these creatures, the stores, mythology, and it is part of this back piece tattoo idea I've had for years. I doubt I'll pull it off as a tattoo, but maybe some day I'll be able to paint it. From this day forth, I will do my best to share myself with whoever cares to see. I will be raw, unedited, adult yet at times childish, and with all these things and more I will be me.

Monday, January 3, 2011


The story:
My son gave me this potted flower for Mother's Day last year.
It started growing too big for the cute little pot it came in
so I transplanted it recently.
Of course all of this crazy ass rain started so
it's been difficult keeping up with it.
Sadly, there's an overhang right over the flower
so it doesn't even get watered when it's raining.
Despite it not getting enough water, it's still fighting.
A lot like me; last year was a hard year for me.
I may be a bit dried out and wilted
but I'm fighting hard to survive
and won't be silent until I get watered!

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